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Tubembal is certified by NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 in transition to NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.

We have a modern laboratory where the control of raw materials is performed and in which all phases of production are tested, up to the final product.

Both physical and mechanical characteristics are controlled, as are those of processing and quality in accordance with the established parameters.


Policy QualitY

The definition of Policy Quality of Tubembal stems from the company's strategic options and formalizes the commitments made by the administration to its customers in terms of quality.

Keeping a clear focus on continuous improvement of the Quality Management Systems, Tubembal promotes the following Policy Quality:

- Surprise internal / external costumers to the quality of products and services;
- Make investments that lead to continuous improvement of processes, contributing to the improvement of existing working conditions;
- Promote and encourage teamwork, valuing employees through continuous investment in training and their level of satisfaction;
- Maintain clear and fluent communication with suppliers, customers and employees;
- Continuously evaluation of the results to meet the expectations of shareholders and to promote the company's growth.

The principles that support the Policy Quality are:

- Develop and improve the binomial quality / productivity using the best available technology;
- Develop and improve after-sales service as a way to consolidate the image of Tubembal;
- Promoting initiative and self-responsibility of employees;
- Encourage teamwork.