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Versatile cardboard tubes and mandrels with precision,
speed and innovation.

Tubembal uses quality raw materials to ensure the technical specifications requested by our customers. In the production of cores, we take into account the importance of dimensional stability, concentricity, compression strength and other considerations.

We manufacture various qualities, adaptable to the different requirements of our customers.

Packaging adapted to the characteristics of the cores and adequately reinforced, can be made into beams or pallets, depending on market requirements.


Benefits of our cores

• Customized quality, finishes and dimensions;
• Precise dimensions, optimum rotation and concentricity characteristics and linear stability;
• Maximum resistance to compression;
• Humidity controlled.


Medium and high quality cores, designed for the most rigorous uses, with best performances at high speed and pressure.
• Controlled resistance and dimensional stability.

Superior quality cores, designed for the latest generation of high-speed winding machines, with high technical specifications.
• Total control of strength, circularity, straightness, humidity and finishing;
• High compression strength.