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Cardboard rings for labels/adhesive tape/other
Wide range of dimensions for various uses.

Agrotube - Forestry Sector 100% recyclable
Moisture resistant packaging mainly used in the forestry sector.

Medicaltube - Hospital waste 100% recyclable
Recyclable hygienic packaging that provides safety and is attractive.

Polished tube
Surface of the tube is buffed and impregnated for use with very thin paper and plastic films without leaving marks.

Half Core Protective Shells
Tubes are cut into two equal halves. Provide solid protective packaging for a variety of products. We manufacture custom lengths.

Shipping/Packaging 100% recyclable
Packaging in different colours with various diameters and lengths, protected with plastic or metal caps at the ends, intended for dispatch and packaging of documents and parts.

Embossed Tube
Custom embossed tube, to customer requirements.

Tube for use in the metal industry
Wide range for the metal industry. Developed according to our customer’s requirements, in compliance with characteristics of high strength, humidity control, and being environmentally friendly.